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East Meets West

As a child I was always a little bewildered by Nativity stories that involved camels, palms and sand. Where was the snow? But now, at Christmas, I embrace the paradoxical celebration by combining them through the colonial decor of my home and my eternal bohemian attitude to life.

Christmas is a time for messy lights strung anywhere there's a nearby socket and erratic concoctions of childhood memory decorations, the latest high street offerings and prized key pieces put on prime display, year after year. My kind of bohemian.

When we discovered the We Three Kings collection, it summed up how I decorate for Christmas. Classical scenes depicting the Nativity in models that you can build up and add to over the years, including the palm trees and camels of my childhood curiosity! Kings with crowns and gifts and messengers on horseback, intermingled with twinkling lights, baubles and bows of holly.

These are striking no matter your decor; bohemian with books and comfy sofas or the clean lines of white sofas and wooden floors. These ornaments make an impact, year on year.

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