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Is it to Early Too Mention Christmas?...

We got our first delivery of Heirloom Angels to our office three years ago. It was April and I was so enamoured that I had to display a couple at home straight away. I was a little worried the family would think I was mad, putting up Christmas decorations 7-months early but these lovely ladies fit right in. How exciting! I got to keep them in my sight through all seasons!

I love the idea of our Heirloom Angels watching over people all year round. On a writing desk or in a library; bringing an elegant peace to the room. Of course, I get to dream the working desks and libraries are as wonderful as these I dream about on Pinterest.

These Heirloom Angels are inspired by South American Santos Cage Dolls which are huge and paraded down the streets to the church for festivals and lovingly adorned in jewels and robes, year after year.

Each Heirloom Angel doll comes with a name based on which original Santos Cage Doll they were inspired by. Mine favourite was Marie-Anne, which is lovely but, once she was on my writing desk, she was calling to be renamed. She has been Esme for three years now and keeps a watchful eye on the hours I work and looks on disapprovingly at the number of games of Solitaire I play. Here she is:

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