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The Midas Touch

Gold has long been the colour of ostentation and indulgence. But it's a real 'feel good' colour and (if done sparingly) can bring joy and fun to any room. And, of course, you can go to town with gold at Christmas. We have a whole month of glamour and gold in our home along with lots of evergreen foliage and lights. Lots of lights.

Antiqued golds are always a key feature in our Christmas collections, along with rich reds, deep blues and greens. It's a season when you can go all-out to grab the attention of your house guests.

Our Laurel Wreaths and Northern Star make a statement hung on the wall or a door and the antique gold of our Halo Tree Decorations is offset beautifully by the deep green of a douglas fir or even hug in a window to catch the light.

And, of course, 'tis the season to go completely overboard with this festive and happy colour. Let your home be that of a deity's and adorn your walls in a worship of gold or make your morning coffee fit for an Idol.

Still not festive enough? We hear you. Fall in love with our Praying Angels. Striking gold leaf wooden figures are an imposing presence on an entrance console table or as a party centre piece.

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