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Christmas Decorations to Believe In

Welcome to our website where you will find unusual decorations and gifts

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Anke Drechsel

Anke Drechsel is a German designer and internationally recognised brand for her silk and silk velvet textiles. Each is intricately woven and embroidered by master craftsmen in India, ensuring each piece is a true work of art. 


Candle Holders

We also love our candle holders and votives at Bourne Home. They adorn our window sills and mantlepieces at home. Entwined in bright cut flowers they make a welcoming display.

Heirloom Angels

We have created an Heirloom Angel collection inspired by our Santos Cage Dolls. With beautiful hand-painted detail, these figures will be part of your home for generations.


Cody Foster & Co

Established in the USA by a son and mother duo who started by making model houses out of ordinary household items. 

We love their cardboard houses, each with intricate festive details; bottle brush trees, colourful ribbons, cotton wool snow and glitter frosted windows.

Also see their whimsical Christmas tree decorations in our Bourne Home's Little Sister collection.

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