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Our Story


At Bourne Home we specialise in providing our customers with beautiful home decorations of the highest quality. We make decorations that you can believe in and that are made to last.  Each of our designs is made to be part of your home for generations to come.


Bourne Home are a mother and daughter team who were searching for Christmas decorations that felt unique and special, but were unable to find anything on the high street or online. We were also disenchanted by the throw away culture of the season.


Our company aims to bring back the joy of rediscovering beloved decorations, year after year, as you dress your home for Christmas.

Fighting Mass Market Christmas


It's important for us to become a minimal waste company and are working towards getting rid of all plastics from our packaging.


We work with skilled artisans in South East Asia.  It's important to us to work with small and skilled crafting communities, who we believe we need to champion in this modern mass market world.


Who Are We?


Deborah, Owner of Bourne Home


“I was bored by the repetitive, throw-away Christmas decorations I found in every shop I went into. I knew I wasn’t the only one who thought this, so I decided to come up with an alternative.”


Deborah has always had a passion for unique design and interiors.  Discovering that classical and timeless ornaments  were few and far between she decided to develop Christmas decorations that weren’t gimmicky.  Looking for a business she could be passionate about in later life, this gap in the market was an exciting discovery.



Holly, Buying & Marketing Manager


“The conversations around the dinner table were all about family business. I grew up very engaged. Bourne Home is now another extension of our family.”


Holly has run a number of her own companies, from a garment manufacturing business in China to a jazz bar.  She has a passion for ideas and executing them.  When her mother came to her with the idea of starting Bourne Home she was excited to bring her experience to the table and put together a caring and sustainable modern business.  After having a child of her own, working in a family business was ideal.

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