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Welcome to Christmas 2020

Welcome to our new collection for Christmas 2020.

Due to high demand we are awaiting new stock on many items. You can pre-order now for delivery from the 25th of November. 


Santos Cage Dolls

Our Santos Cage Dolls are based on 17th century carvings, & used in street processions in South America. 

They are delicately adorned with crowns & come in a range of designs.

Heirloom Angels

We have created an Heirloom Angel collection inspired by our Santos Cage Dolls. With beautiful hand-painted detail, these figures will be part of your home for generations.

Photo 09-07-2020, 18 10 40.jpg

Candle Holders

We also love our Christmas candle holders and votives at Bourne Home. They adorn our window sills and mantlepieces at home. Entwined in holly and fir sprigs they make a welcoming and merry display.

And More

Here you will find our We Three Kings. An extension to our Santos Cage Dolls and Heirloom Angels, they add a little mirth to Christmas as we move them around our home and towards the Northern Star with each day of Advent.